Audition Options for Trickle Down Autonomy

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(NOTE: I have created a video you can watch that summarizes this blog post, but feel free to skip ahead to the rest of the blog post instead. Select 720p or 1080p HD in the settings on the YouTube player for best video quality)

Hello, and thank you for submitting to my casting call. I have decided to offer three different ways that you can audition for this production (an in-depth explanation follows):

  1. Self-record your performance
  2. Send me a link to a pre-recorded audition of yourself OR the link to a production you have been in (that can be viewed online).
  3. Audition in person (currently looking at Oct. 29th)

1) Self-record Your Performance

The tech-gods have blessed us with these technological advancements; let’s use them!

Literally, if you have a smart phone or DSLR camera that records video, you should be able to record yourself, upload it to YouTube, and send me the link to your video (if you do not want your video to be public on YouTube, please mark your video as “Private”. Here is a quick video tutorial that shows you exactly how to share your private video: How To Share a Private Video On YouTube).

You can record either a monologue or a side from a script (you will need someone to read for you). I am providing the material I would like you to use for your self-recorded audition:

NOTE: None of the above material are from the my production TRICKLE DOWN AUTONOMY. My thinking is that if you can nail the above material, then you will absolutely nail the script I have written.

Pleas keep the following in mind when self-recording:

  • Please speak loud enough so that I can hear you
  • Please record using good lighting so that I can see you and your facial expressions
  • No cuts please! Just record your auditon in one take. I suggest doing multiple recordings and send me your best take.

I have linked to a couple of videos that contain tips for actors on how to self-record audition videos, as well as male and female self-recording monologue examples. Please view them to get a better understanding of what I am looking for:

How to Record a Self-Taped Audition

Self-recorded Audition Example (with someone reading with the actress)

Self-recorded Monologue Example 2

2) Send me a link to a pre-recorded audition of yourself OR the link to a production you have been in (that can be viewed online)

If you have already submitted a link to something you have already pre-recorded AND would like to use that as your audition piece, there is no need to resend a link (unless there is a pre-recorded audition or link to a production you are in that you would like to submit for consideration instead of the original link you sent in your casting call reply). You can also use the self-record option from above if you would like to record an audition specifically for this casting call.

3) Audition in person (currently looking at Oct. 29th)

If none of the options are available to you, let me know if you would like to audition in person instead. I am currently looking at Saturday, October 29th, 2016, but do not have a venue for auditioning locked in at this moment. NOTE: If I receive more self-recorded auditions than requests to audition in person (like only 2 or 3 people elect to audition in person), then I will more than likely not hold in-person auditions and will make my selection based on the self-recorded submissions I received.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING SELF-RECORDED AUDITION OR PRE-RECORDED AUDITION: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2016. Official selections for the role of Dawn, Charlotte, and Diego will be made by November 4th, 2016 or before.

Send your submissions to:

Please contact me at with any questions you may have in regards to this post. Thanks again!

-Paul T

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