Casting Call SF Bay Area Actress [Multiple Ethnicities]

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Production Title: A MOTION TO STAY

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Independent

Project Length: Short Film (10 minutes)

Project Format: 16:9/1080p HD

Production Location: SF Bay Area

Production Company: Bad Joy Productions LLC

Company website:

Producer/Director: Paul T

Audition Location: Online submission

Shooting Location: SF Bay Area

Production Notes: This will be a short comedy for exhibition online and film festivals. Looking for someone with theatre training who can quickly get “off book”, or someone who can commit large blocks of text to memory.

Planning for at least 1 table read (will possibly be done via Skype or Google Hangouts) and 1 rehearsal (if needed). Shoot will be done on a weekend and should take no more than 8hrs (if we finish before then, we will wrap early).

Check out my past short films here:

Email: Please send (1) headshot AND/OR (1-3) full-body photos + contact info to

VERY IMPORTANT: Photos do not have to be professionally taken, but please do not send any very small, blurry, or low resolution photos. Send comp cards if you have them. Please see below photo as an example of the types of photos to submit:

Compensation: $125/day + IMDb Credit


Auditions: Now – Feb 3rd, 2019. Candidates will record their audition and submit it via online video submission. Audition sides will be provided. NOTE: You are welcome to have the audition side in hand and read from it during your audition video, but try not to let it impede your performance. NOTE: If you already have a previously recorded audition or monologue that you can share with me, please send the link to that

Shooting Starts: Late Feb/early March 2019

Shooting Ends: Same (one day shoot)

When Doris finds her lounging, under-dressed roommate Vanessa not ready for an important party they had been planning to attend for weeks, Vanessa’s shocking revelation about her super-slick ex turns their entire evening completely upside down.

Character BIOS

Roommate of Vanessa. Big-sister type. Very social and will never turn down an opportunity to party. Wants to know why Vanessa is not dressed and ready for a party they have been planning to attend for weeks. IMPORTANT: Must be okay with swearing (using curse words). However, there is nothing derogatory in the screenplay.

Roommate to Doris. Laid back personality. Can be a partier, but just as content with being a homebody. Hasn’t revealed to Doris that she has changed her mind about attending the party they have been planning to go to for weeks. IMPORTANT: Must be okay with swearing (using curse words). However, there is nothing derogatory in the screenplay.

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